Wild series Rum no 27 Enmore - 53,9% ABV - 70 cl

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This bottle will be released on the 8. of june at 10.00 am.
It is only released in France and Luxembourg


This rum comes from Guyana, and it’s quite historic. The rum was distilled at the original Enmore distillery just a few years before it was closed.
Back in 1990 the Enmore Distillery owned two stills made of wood.  The Wooden Coffey Still called Enmore Still (EHP) and the Single Wooden Pot Still called Versailles Still (VSG).

This one is from the Versailles still, which is the still Enmore used for a lot of distillates in 1990.

We have always had a sweet spot for these iconic stills. So, when we got our hands of these barrels, we’ve had only one thought.



Single cask

Based on Molasse

Distilled Dec. 1990

At Enmore distillery

On Versailles wooden Pot Still

Marque MEV

Bottled 04/2022

Continental aged

Aged in Ex- Bourbon cask

Cask no. 16

1 of 185 bottles

Cask Strength at 53,9% ABV