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Romdeluxe batch no. 2  – RDL 2
Our first rum from Barbados, the Foursquare Distillery. We just couldn’t say no to this unique opportunity – the opportunity to get one of the delicious cask strength rums from Barbados. The rum was distilled in 1999 and is also a cask strength rum of 58 %. The rum has aged in an old bourbon barrel, which generates the taste and smell of light chocolate milk, toffee, raisins, sweet walnut, and dried fruit.

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The Foursquare Distillery occupies the site of a former sugar factory, which dates back to 1636. This distillery is considered as one of the most modern and efficient rum distilleries in the world and is designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The distillery produces light rums in a three-column vacuum still and heavier rums in a modern pot still. RL Seale is one of Barbados’ oldest trading houses, a family-owned business whose involvement in rum making extends from father to son since 1820. The current owner, Richard Seale, is one of the region’s most innovative distillers and blenders and has a passion for producing perfect rum with great taste. Rum has been produced on the island of Barbados for more than 300 years. However, it was not until the 1906 Rum Duty Act was passed that the industry began to develop rum as we know it today. Prior to this, the distillation took place on many plantations of the island, but the new law meant that the distilleries had to obtain a licence. The rum is cask strength and has a natural colour.

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