The conversation

”Damn it!” That’s what I said, and then I hung up – they said no!

That was in the summer of 2012, long before Romdeluxe was founded – well, actually long before the future owners even knew each other.

Claus had just ended a telephone conversation with the Danish TV channel TV3. The conversation was about his idea basing on 7 famous artists who should decorate their own customised motorbikes and subsequently sell them at auction for the benefit of the Danish Cancer Foundation. All decorations of the bikes were supposed to be based on the theme: The 7 deadly sins.

However, TV3 turned down the idea. There was no commercial basis for making a TV programme on this subject.

The summer of 2016: Romdeluxe was born, and RDL 1 saw the light of the day (the unqualified sales success of the company). The passion and the hobby were organised, and the rum started to pour out. However, the dream of the 7 deadly sins was still alive.


”I know someone!”, Ulla said one night we sat in Lasse’s basement, nerding out rum – Ulla is Lasse’s wife, who had just got back from a reunion at her old school.

”I talked to John, by the way”, she said. ”He knows Ken Hammer very well!” – John is a Heavy Metal ”rocker”, who Ulla went to school with.

We had just talked about how awesome it would be to illustrate the 7 deadly sins on 7 different rum bottles. And if it should be a Danish band, then it could only be the legendary heavy metal band Pretty Maids – partly because we are both huge fans of the band, but also because half of Romdeluxe lives in Horsens, the band’s hometown …… There was only one problem: neither of us knew the Pretty Maids boys so to grab the phone and contact those guys was hardly an option.

However, we contacted John, of course, and after a quick call, it was agreed that he would pave the way for Romdeluxe so that we could get in touch with Pretty Maids.

Time went by, and we didn’t hear anything. Of course, we pushed John for an answer, but we were told that the band was very busy and had a full calendar.

The disaster

During the long wait, the almost unthinkable suddenly happens – the Danish heavy metal band Volbeat launches its Volbeat 1 Rum.

What a shock!!! Would this launch mean that we would have to quit our project, or was there still hope for us? We still hadn’t heard from John.

Almost 3 weeks went by, and then John called! ”They want to meet you!”, he said. Yes!!! Time passed, and we waited and waited. We hoped that we could meet – however, there was total silence around them. Christmas and New Year were successfully celebrated; und Romdeluxe entered its second year. January was drawing to a close, and still no news. The only news was that Volbeat had launched its second rum!

The phone call

Tuesday the 6th of March 2018 about 4.45 pm – the normal workday was over. Now, it was time to start working with Romdeluxe.

The telephone rang: ”Hi, it’s John. Pretty Maids want to meet you!”- “Cool”, I thought, finally a breakthrough! ”They want to meet you tomorrow, in Copenhagen!” I was speechless, surprised, and happy when I heard that they were interested, and that they wanted to meet us already the next day.

Tomorrow ….. Dear God – hardly time for planning – I had been waiting so long for this day. And 24 hours! That’s all I get to prepare myself, even for a meeting I didn’t dare to believe in anymore.

Destiny wanted me to go to Copenhagen after all – so the meeting was arranged, and I started packing for the next day.

The city of Valby

At 8.20 pm, John and I entered the parking lot at the hotel in Valby – our meeting was set to start at 8.30 pm.

At 8.30 pm, we were in the reception, and Ronnie came down to meet us. Quick as lightning, the concept was presented – the 7 deadly sins – 7 different bottles matching each deadly sin in taste and appearance. I lined up 10 different rums, and then we had an exquisite rum tasting.

”Please, let me try no. 1 again!”, Ken Hammer said (I guess it was the third time he tried it). ”YES, this was going to be the first rum!” I was so surprised, and I thought: “Did he really say that?!!! We hadn’t even discussed terms and conditions yet.

Ronnie loved no. 1 as well – and then he said the magic words: ”Let’s meet when we are back from Finland – we are going on a tour, you know!”

The meeting

We agreed to meet on the 12th of April 2018 to clear all the details.

The day came, and Pretty Maids arrived  – suddenly 2 of the greatest heavy metal icons sat in my kitchen.

Wow – this was great! Would our dream really come true, would our project finally succeed!?

Well, the rum was poured because – as Ken Hammer said –  they just had to make sure that the rum still tasted wonderful, and it certainly did ……

We talked and talked, and agreements were made. The 7th of June was the date for the online launch of our project.

Billede af Pretty Maids på scnen i Barcelona

Wannabe Volbeat

Of course, we also discussed that it had taken the band a long time to make a decision regarding our project – primarily because time was an enemy, and that they had launched a beer project some years ago together with the (at that time) local underground brewery Morzybitten.

They felt that they needed some time before they wanted to get involved in a new drinking project. Now the time was ripe for a new project, and they were ready to go all in.

A bit miffed, it crossed my lips that it was “too bad” that Volbeat had already launched its rum no. 2.

”Volbeat, who!?”, Ken Hammer asked and laughed loudly. ”Nonsense, Volbeat is bigger than us, anyway!”, he said. ”So if people accuse this project of being a ”wannabe Volbeat project”, then we will probably survive this accusation too. ”After all, we were here first!”, Hammer said and laughed loudly …….

The 7th of June – HERE IT IS! Ladies and gentlemen, may we present – LUST: the first of 7 rums in the series of ”the 7 deadly sins”.

Enjoy it with respect and preferably together with others!

But you must hurry; this exclusive rum is only produced in a limited edition – of only 7,777 bottles to be exact.

Happy drinking!