Romdeluxe & Pretty Maids introduce

The 7 deadly sins


Who is Romdeluxe?
Are we your innovative rum partner?
Romdeluxe deals in exclusive rums. We also make customised rums with personal logos. Moreover, we are Pretty Maids’ exclusive business partner, and we release selected bottles in collaboration with the band.
Who are we?
On the 7th of April 2018, an unofficial Danish championship in blind tasting was held in the city of Aarhus by, for which Romdeluxe has also signed up. At this blind tasting, Claus came in first, and Lasse came in third, which is an excellent proof of our will and ability to select the best rums on the market for you.
What do we do?
We offer world-class rums. Our great interest in and passion for rum have given us the motivation and courage to spread and share our knowledge with you. This means that we will bring you great offers and wild experiences within the world of rum.
Pretty Maids
``Sometimes you have to expand and move into new areas.`` So, when someone suggested that we, PRETTY MAIDS, should produce our own rum with our own label on it, we found it quite interesting and pretty authentic as well. Here it is! The new Pretty Maids Rum LUST, the first of 7 rums in the new series of the 7 DEADLY SINS.

We are working hard. We deliver

Romdeluxe – your exclusive rum partner.